Sunday, January 22, 2012

A wedding couple...a new beginning

Tiffany & Tyler
14x11 oil on canvas

This is the second commission for the client who had me paint his twins Christian and Hayden. This is for his oldest son who got married last summer. The client could only provide his camera phone pic of this lovely couple. I included a frame because he has commissioned the three paintings. When he received it he said, it was "beautiful beautiful work." *phew*


suzanneberry said...

and how right he is! beautifully done!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

yes, truly beautiful! Sweet!

Dean H. said...

He was right...this is beautiful work, Sheila!
I know what you mean by "phew"'s such a relief and a huge reward to know the client likes it!! :)

Darel Javier said...

nice and beautiful. :)