Saturday, December 27, 2008


Have you ever felt your life was one big mess and you just have to plop down and untangle it all before you go another step? I've been feeling a lot of that lately and this painting reflects it well. The undulating white forces trying to make headway but they are hampered by the scraffito blue lines from making any progress. This is the first version. I later changed it to add more contrast by darkening the blue and adding more dimension to the white swirls. Some days I like the original version and others I'm satisfied by me trying to deepen the experience.


Beth said...

wow...your paintings are so excellent. I really love the lithops...I knew exactly what it was when I saw it, as I am a houseplant freak. They are so fun to look at. Nice job on the portrait, I am so bummed I had just missed the deadline to join. So cool!! Keep up the good work!!

Sheila said...

Thank you Beth. I hope to see your work in the next challenge or have you already been involved in past paintings in DSFDF?

dominique eichi said...

I really love this piece and would love to see it again you say you made it a bit darker. I would love to see more pieces like this too. This style is a bit surreal .