Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Miki's Lillies

Modern Art Museum by

THANK YOU MICHELLE BURNETT! for posting in your blog this fun web site where you can make it appear that your painting is in an actual museum.

This painting is almost as big as it is depicted in this image. It was an oil of my neighbor's lillies that her husband grew for her. It is 30x40 and was part a set of two paintings I did for her in exchange for a water heater that needed to be replaced at my house. I have never painted flowers especially on such a large scale but she seems very happy with this and she says she gets compliments from visitors because it is the first thing they see upon entering her home.


Tom Pohlman said...

Sheila! Three things:
1) Thank you soo much for dropping by my blog- I am really excited to see another newbie jump into the fray (birds of a feather).
2) Nice job on the huge floral- that would definitely put a smile on my face when I walked in the door every day.
3) Did you win the lottery or something??? (you look way too young for retirement ;>) Happy New Year!!!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Oh my, you have an interesting story... Retired Cop/Sergeant?! Welcome to blogging!! Love the variety here, looking forward to seeing more in 2009.

Marian Fortunati said...

Don't you just love it!! When I found it I did exactly the same thing with some of my paintings...
Retirement IS great.... more special, I imagine, when you can do it so young! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.