Saturday, February 27, 2010

Her Walk for Water

This is a painting for a Juried Show in San Francisco sponsored by the World Affairs Council. It is an organization of people of all walks and professions who gather and discuss World issues and seek solutions. The theme for this year asked what the artist thought was a global issue. I know War, Food, Poverty are always high on the list but I decided to focus on water.

Did you know: Around the world, 884 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion are without adequate sanitation facilities. Every day, nearly 6,000 people who share our planet die from water-related illnesses, and the vast majority are children.

Lack of water means loss of school time for children and many hours spent by women fetching water from many miles away from their home. My painting illustrates the daily trek made by millions of people who don’t have adequate have access to water.

We shall see if it gets accepted.

30x10 oil on canvas

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leggo my Lego

Just a teeny painting for the Daily Painters International Challenge Blog.

3x3 inches oil on canvas

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pity Party is over!

Another sample for the Dog/Pet supply store who will be hanging this and two other paintings in their store for me. I apologize for the glare on the image.

This is Nika!

16x20 oil on canvas


When I feel like this....

I want to have a pair of these...

So I can fly away from the pain...

8x6 , 10x30 oil on canvasboard and gallery wrap canvas respectively.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Experiment and a Show

This past Friday I attended a reception for a benefit at USF's School of Law. They had accepted my painting, "Relearning to Fly" for the show benefiting a shelter for Domestic Violence victims. The only second show I've attended but I'm assuming because of the venue being full of lawyers, there was live music, a full spread of hot and cold appetizers and dessert and of course wine and beverages. Either that, I'm easily impressed. I am not yet comfortable with this type of venue, but I'm sure it will get easier soon.

I was looking at an edition of Southwest Art magazine and was intrigued with the style of artist John Nieto.

These two paintings are my homage to him. The top is of "Lone Bear" and the other is "Stars Come Out".

They are both 12x12 on gallery wrapped canvas.

click for a larger view

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Emilee and Kahiko Hula

I was honored and a little nervous when a friend asked me to paint a portrait of her daughter she planned to give as a Valentine's gift to her husband and daughter.

My daughter danced with Emilee in the Mokuaina dance group and I was there when she had her first couple of lessons. Emilee took to Tahitian and Hula like a fish to water.

Her mother chose the traditional Kahiko Hula style for the painting. Kahiko Hula is always accompanied with chanting and never has modern instruments such as guitar involved.

16x20 oil on canvas panel

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is Morgan

I painted this for a higher end Pet supply store to give her an example of my work. I had approached her with an offer to paint her dog to let her see how my works looks. She saw another dog's portrait but there's is nothing like painting a dog the client is close to to know if the artist is able to capture their furry pal's personality. I used the pose from one photo, th ears from a second and used the third to help me with the fur. She saw the emailed jpg todaynd she thought it was "gorgeous". *phew* I hope to have it hanging in her store to drum up some business.

20x16 oil on wood

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks for being there through the ups and downs!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rinse Well

I have been enjoying JM's travelling blog for quite a while. I finally asked him if I could use an image or two to paint. He generously granted permission. I loved this photo he tagged Jaisalmer, Rajasthan which is a city and region in India.

Nothing like taking our showers and faucets for granted. This does look fun for a hot summer day though.

10x8, oil on hardboard

Monday, February 8, 2010


After a pretty heavy couple of months, I wanted to paint something light and bright and fun. This is Gwendolyn, or Gwen as she is called by her two legged family members. She and her big brother Gavin live with my friend Natasha and her lovely family. Natasha has a wonderful family blog called "Behind the White Picket Fence".

Gwen is about 2 months here I believe. She is a real cutie.

oil on 12x12 gallery wrapped canvas.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ready for Rebirth

24x18 oil on canvas
I was hesitant to post this because it is a very raw, very exposed view of myself for a show titled, The Tao of Duality : An Exploration of Self Portraits. This show runs till mid February but the curator told me the Brava theater might want to extent the time for this show for a couple of months.

Some of you recall I was pretty scarce on the blogosphere near the end of last year. This was painted during that time and when you read the following statement of the work which is posted next to the painting, you'll understand why. The ex during that time was especially challenging.

Ready for Rebirth Statement

This image is me without my body armor and uniform of my previous life. I am a middle aged woman who has found new life and new meaning in her art. I show you at my most vulnerable and raw state. The purple and yellow colors were an intuitive addition. As I studied it later, I think I unconsciously used those colors because of some basic police academy training. When someone is struck and injured, the area will swell with blood and discolor first with red. The next colors that appear during the healing stage are purple, blue, green and then finally yellow. So symbolically, though I have fairly new wounds from the daily dealings with my ex-husband and this new life of mine, I have many that are almost totally healed and thus I am ready for my rebirth as a new person.

I am still discovering this reborn woman and emerging artist. I am proud because so far she is turning out to be stronger than I ever imagined and has a lot of creative energy to let loose. I can hardly wait to see what the second half of my life brings.

I did attend the Artists Reception(my first) last Wednesday and really felt like a fish out of water. However, I was encouraged by several things. The painting and the accompanying pieces were on the opposite wall to the entrance. Of the three floors dedicated for this show, I was told that this is a prime location to have your work displayed. The curator told me there was a lot of conversation about my piece because of the statement and she encouraged me to continue to submit work for future shows. A person I love and trust encouraged me to share this with you and so here you go...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chris' Field of Dreams

This is based on my friend Bobbi's photo of her college aged son. The sun was low and I loved how she captured the warm glow of Chris on the baseball field.

I met Bobbi when she was taking the physical agility test for our department. I was immediately impressed with her positive attitude, wit and intelligence. We became best buds on the force often working together in the same sectors of the city. We had gotten to know each other so well, we didn't have to look or say anything, we just knew when it was time to go from talking to the taking down a suspect. We were some of the first small group of she-cops to work patrol together. I remember our male sergeant following us around like a worried mother hen one day because it was the first time 3 women were working alone in a sector. He finally learned women are much better using their brains than having to rely on brawn to deal with a situation. Besides her disarming quick wit, Bobbi was skilled at American Sign Language which became a huge asset when the Bay Area's School for the Deaf relocated to our city.

I was her maid of honor when she married a sergeant from our dept and she was matron of honor in mine. I was there when Chris came home and am now amazed to see how a tiny pink baby grew up to a tall handsome young man. She retired early when her husband retired and is also living the good life in Northern California. I am blessed to still have her in my life.

oil on Artboard 12x6 (sold)

Monday, February 1, 2010


I was visiting my Facebook page when I came upon some photos my friend had posted. I worked with her [dispatcher] and her husband [sergeant] at the same department for many years. This couple is a rarity because they have been together for many years AND worked at the same place. What a great husband to have a wife tell him what to do at home and at work. They are both retired now and living the good life.

This is based on a photo I saw of her grandson Skyler. I love the intensity of kids when they are in the process of making something yummy.
It probably seems like magic.
This is oil on 6x8 gallery wrapped canvas. (Sold)