Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook Find

This is the third painting I've used a find on Facebook as inspiration. The first couple of images were of friends. This lovely daughter of a "friend" is someone I've never met and are friends because of Mafia Wars, Cafe World or one of the other games I play on Facebook. I could not resist her three year old carefully bringing up that cup to drink her pink lemonade at her "Tea Party". Lindsay generously allowed me to paint her beautiful daughter Leah.

8x10 oil on board

Monday, May 17, 2010

Palm Tree Trio

One of my fav artists Dana Cooper painted a set of palm trees on one of her recent posts. I told her I have wanted to try and paint palm trees and love the way she rendered hers. She told me she wanted to see how I would treat the subject.

They may be a simple subject for others but this took me 2 days, wiping, repainting and repositioning the third palm. I'm not entirely happy with it but its a start.

20x16, oil on board

Saturday, May 15, 2010


SJC is the Airline code for San Jose International Airport in California. I usually use this airport for flight. As you probably do, I love to people watch while waiting for my plane to start boarding.

8x10 oil on board

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here is that sauna I mentioned in "Dubious Welcome". I was struck again by the single light source coming from the only small window into the sauna. Though it had sat idle for the entire winter, it still had such a warm and welcome feeling with its log walls and cedar setting.

I would love to actually experience a sauna such as this one day.

8x8 oil on Raymar Artboard

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"A Bridge Not Crossed"

Someone was sharing photos of scenery encountered during their walk. I immediately was taken by this bridge, surrounded by receding snow, crossing over a beautiful blue river still wearing sheets of ice.

I would love to visit this bridge in person one day.

24x36 oil on canvas

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Dubious Welcome"

When I was visiting the lake, I was invited to check out the outdoor sauna. I had never seen one and was amazed with the way one would light a fire to heat at least nine buckets of water to create steam for a cedar lined room. The experience was described as one of great relaxation and cleansing. I didn't get to experience this but I was struck by a little changing room next to the fireplace. The only light in the room was the one coming from the open door. Because of this lighting, I thought the room was giving me a "Dubious Welcome"

I may attempt to paint the sauna room in the future. It was quite small and beautiful.

I also had to share the breakfast my 12 year old surprised me with this morning. Happy Mother's Day!

36x12 oil on canvas

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last week, I was at a cabin on a gorgeous lake front property when I saw this red Adirondack style chair with it's homemade foot stool.

I saw it was waiting for its first occupant to use it to look over the clear blue lake. It waits through the winter covered by snow, through early spring and finally starts getting used during the last spring.

I could not wait like this noble chair in my youth. Now that I'm much older, I can see the wisdom in waiting for that opportunity rather than chasing after it at times. I do however have the choice to move on if my patience expires.

30x24 oil on canvas