Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bumping against the "Glass Ceiling" again

As you can imagine, I did deal with some [ okay a lot] of challenges when I was trying to become and after I became a police officer. The challenges not only came from my peers and supervisors but from the public in that when I started it was still rare for females to be a cop and even more rare for an Asian female to be one.

I have heard of some of the same challenges in this new field I am entering but I didn't know how intense it was until I read this article and not one woman is on the list of top artists.

click on this title to read the article:

My Education continues:
Then I watched this [ it's a little over 27 minutes] and it was very enlightening. Did you know a woman artist traveled to South America to study animals, plant life and insects before Darwin? Her style of painting the specimens was adopted by Audubon himself many years later.

Some of you from outside the States have been unable to view the video in this format. Please try going directly to this LINK and see if you can view it there. Thanks!!!


Manon said...

I will go watch the video as soon as I'm done.
You had many challenges and hurdles I'm sure. My aunt was one of the first police officers in Ottawa, Canada. Once she became pregnant they let her go..... wouldn't happen these! I admire you, Sheila!! You're not afraid of anything..... in your life or your art! You are an amazing woman!!

Unknown said...

I could write a book about this topic!!! Women have a two-fold problem in the arts as I see it: (1) being taken as a serious career artist, and (2) commanding the same prices for our work as men. The two are directly linked. To be fair, thinkgs have improved a lot over the years, but not enough!

Suzanne said...

shelia -- like you i was aware of the glass ceiling at the pd -- and in the business world but i had no idea the glass ceiling existed in the art world.

*shaking head*

Autumn Leaves said...

Somehow I forget that there is often a glass ceiling in many professions. I have never really found it to stand in the way of my own ambitions, I don't think. Then again, I've also never achieved any level of success. I've always tended to blame that on my own lacks. That said, Sheila, I see you also not letting it stand in your way. I think you are always going to be successful. You have the will, the drive, the intelligence, and the talent. You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

After seeing your face on ALL the blogs I visit and your kind comments...including the ones on mine...I decided to "hunt" you down. You have a interesting background and terrific perspective...I look forward to following you in the future.

Art with Liz said...

It's really sad but a reflection on our critics and marketing gurus in that they see the money to be made comes from the male sector. Women are not that good at marketing themselves and Damien Hirst made his name and fortune through basic clever marketing. But keep going girl - maybe you'll be the first female on that list!!

I couldn't access the video as it is only available to the US.

-Don said...

As I blindly plod along, enjoying art for art's sake, I have to be reminded sometimes that there have been unfair biases throughout history which have prevented me from seeing some fantastic work. Why did so many throughout history make such a big deal about what gender created a work of art? I really don't understand. Personally, I cannot think of any instance of looking at a work of art and wondering, "did a woman do that?". I'd probably be considered naive in this, but that's fine with me. Just think what I would have been missing out on, otherwise.

Thanks, Sheila, for this reminder. Let's hope we get some women on that wealthiest artists list soon (and at least one other guy - namely me).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila, And isn't it interesting that more women go into the arts than men?

I've been enjoying your work.

Unknown said...

Hey Sheila, I couldnt see the video unable to stream outside US (?)
Well I read the article to see Damien Hirst at the top. Lets not forget here in the UK Tracey Emin is equally as famous (I guess not as rich though!)
I have never thought there was any discrimination in the art scene as Kathy suggests, but that might be because Im a man and have never thought about it! You know coming onto this blog 90% of the work I follow is by women artists,and great art it is. The galleries I visit have many women artists. So in the top wealthiest artists there are no women. Well I dont understand but its not complete information. Lets have a look at the top 100 at least.
I can name more successful male artists than female from history, but maybe thats because women didnt have the same career choices as men. But times are changing arent they? Well in our house Im more like a house husband)
Personally I beleive that if I create good art it will sell, and above all it will take time. You are a great person Sheila, and you really shouldnt let this get you down
Keep being proactive, people like you, so will the galleries and thats a really healthy start to being up on that list)

Dean Grey said...

Thanks for this eye-opening post, Sheila!

You go girl!