Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks again to all my friends

I know you may be getting tired of me gushing about how wonderful you all are but I must gush again. I have never met or worked with more generous and wonderful people than I've met through DSFDF and my blog. I've always worked in environments where people were so proprietary with their knowledge and experiences because it is competitive. I 've learned that old mindset really dragged you down. There is something about helping someone and encouraging someone that lifts you and your spirit. I have to admit, I didn't learn this until I was promoted to sergeant in my old job and I'll blame it on having to double prove myself as a woman, [back when we were less than 7 % of the work force] and triple prove it because I am Asian. [first Asian female to be hired at that dept.]

Today I want to give special thanks to Michelle, (my first follower on this blog) Akiko, Erika, Judy Mackey, Diane Hoeptner, Paulo and all the others who have exposed me to Etsy.com.

I set up shop last week and think I won my first bid. It's the acrylic on 8x10 canvas on this post. She agreed she wanted it but has not paid me yet. LOL. It's not much money because I just wanted to get a positive review on something I sold. That may have been foolish on my part but I figured it is such a cute painting, I may be able to sell it if she changes her mind.

I was also unexpectedly contacted by another Etsian who wanted to feature me on her blog. She did a really nice job so if you want to drop by Wendy's blog, please do so and check her out.

Thank you again friends. I know the folks who have been following my journey for about a month know its been very difficult these past years. Every one of you has helped me embrace this second half of my life as confirmation that it is the right path. Like the phoenix, I feel I can start to dust the ashes of my past life off, heal my wounds and start to grow new feathers. Love and blessings to you all.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sheila!
oh your etsy shop is wonderful! i just favorited you!
what a beautiful post! i am so glad we have met! you are an uplifter!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

This one is such a cute, funny ,colorful what else? piece of art.I love it so much it makes me feel happy and I found myself with a big smile.
I am e mailing this to my kids.Is this okay with you? I must share it and they are too lazy to check Blogs etc..
Keep going you are great.

artbyakiko said...

What a cute painting! Congrats on your first bid on Etsy!! Keep up the good work!

Stephen Gardner said...

You are turning out some great stuff, I love it.

Dewberry Fine Art said...

This is a lot of fun. Do you have a link on your blog to your Esty store?

Sheila said...

Hmmmm.. yes it's at the bottom...but with your inquiry I think I'll move it thank you Dori!

Paulo J. Mendes said...

Congratulations for your Etsy shop! It was a pleasant surprise and looks great.
I wish you the biggest success!

Michelle Burnett said...

Yay...your first bid! And it's sooo cute! You deserve much success. I will be able to say I knew you when :)

P.S. Just a thought on the bids...Maybe you should have them pay a deposit upfront ;)

sam said...

Cheeky painting, is it a self-portrait!?
Well done on your bids Sheila!

James Parker said...

Neat painting, Sheila. Visited your etsy shop and very impressed. I've never seen the Lithops (living stones) piece...really good. You have a refreshing variety in your subject material.

Dharma Designs said...

Love ya! :-)

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Sheila
Congrates on the sale...well deserved too.
This painting is a cracker too.
Could this be you on your party nights?
Chin up your on the right path for sure.
Kind Regards