Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Angela Again...

I've know Angela Buxbaum for a few years now after meeting her on ArtBistro.com.  She is an amazing artist, jewelry designer and poet.  I recently found out she was on Facebook too.  Like shoes for some women, she changes the style of her avatar often.  I was struck by the latest and asked permission to paint it.  It sort of turned out to be more of a caricature of her but I like it because it reminds me of Manon Doyle's style of women (which I adore!)

If she looks kind of familiar, some people may recognize her from an early post here from a different avatar.

Please visit Angela's website and check out her wonderful work.

12x12 oil on Ampersand hardboard.


Michelle said...

Nice painting Sheila! Angela looks lovely. It does have the feel of Manon's work - which I love also! I didn't know about artbistro.com. I'll have to check it out.

Dean Grey said...


I'm so shocked by this portrait Sheila!

It is noticeably different in the style than I normally see you paint.

Your pet portraits are almost always loose, textured, and impressionistic. But Angela's portrait is quite smooth and tight.

It's not so much of a caricature as it is an illustration. There's a difference IMHO.

I'd love to see more in this style, especially the pet paintings!