Thursday, January 1, 2009

Artists are Awesome

What a wonderful experience it has been so far to have actually step out and try something like participate in DSFDF. So many kind and generous people took the time to say hello and welcome I am so touched and in awe of this community.

I guess I still have a vivid memory of visiting an artist and her husband in a small town in Gold Country in Northern California. Part of her business was to make small watercolor portraits of patrons for $50. I was still working for the police department then and was intrigued by someone who was making a living doing art and her husband making frames for all her work. I commissioned a small portrait for my then firefighter boyfriend and was expecting to be able to see her process.

She closed some shuttered doors between me and her and started her work. When I tried to peek between the slats, she became upset and shooed me away with a wave of her brush. That was my FORMER impression of artists. How wrong was I!! On the most part, artists are kind, supportive of each other and very generous with helping budding wanna-be artists with tips and advice. Amazing. So thank you again for making me feel welcome folks. Many of you are the artists I used dream.... "maybe one day....."

For today's image, I posted a quick pastel I did for my 11 year old daughter's soccer coach. She is heading off to a big tournament in Fresno this weekend and she wanted to present it to him at the last game. The girls will sign their name in the patch of green.


artbyakiko said...

What a great gift for the coach! It is very powerful. I also love the background colors. It will look awesome with the students' signatures.

Sheila said...