Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Mystery Man

I was a giddy as a kid on Christmas day this morning. The first site I opened was Karin Jurick's blog Different Strokes for Different Folks. I scrolled down to my painting of the mystery artist to see if he had his portrait of me posted by Karin this morning because today is the deadline for submissions. My heart dropped a bit because there were no new portraits near my handsome subject on her site.

I solemnly went to my blog and was going through my posts [ since this is new, there aren't many :o) ] and I see another post for my DSFDF portrait. I clicked, scrolled down and my heart jumped as if I found out who my blind date was.

James Abbott from the State of Washington finally revealed himself. He has several blogs but please make sure you drop by his Painting Diary where you'll see magical and wonderful nutcrackers he's painted and sold (I'm so envious of his public following for his works). I love my portrait he so modestly posted because it portrays the way I feel when I paint and view wonderful images albeit sketches or paintings. Thank you James Abbott and I so happy to make your acquaintance!

My dear new friend and fellow artist Carolyn Finnell suggested I post my portrait of James so I shall.
Please visit Carolyn's Blog, it is filled with wonderful painting gems and eye candy. I've tried a couple of times already and I keep getting an internal error message. The image is also on the next page of this blog if you really want to view it.


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I know exactly how you felt! I could not believe how excited I was when I saw my portrait posted by Annie, like I was a kid on Christmas morning.

Carolyn Finnell said...

You should post your portrait of him here. It is wonderful.

Carol Horzempa said...

I tried posting a comment earlier and got mixed up. This blogging is all so new to me. Anyway I just want you to know I love your work. Great job!

Art with Liz said...

Went to the DSFDF blog to have a re-look at the portrait. It is stunning! What fantastic brushwork and such lovely scrumptious paint.