Sunday, January 25, 2009

Karen Hargett

I discovered Karen like many other artists on DSFDF. I have met and continue to meet amazing and generous artists every since I've submitted a DSFDF challenge and started this blog. I featured Karen in my list of animal artists blogs in the January 19th post. It was then that I discovered her website, Karen Hargett's Fine Art.

I must encourage you to visit her website not only to look at her beautiful work but to perhaps like I did , learn some wonderful marketing strategies she's employed. The most significant and I believe effective is her free print when you sign up with her newsletter. I did just that when I saw her wonderful site.

Not only does she give you a choice of a handful of images but she does not mention they arrive with a coordinating mat and lovingly protected in a glassine envelope. My daughter picked out the print and she was delighted to see "Butterfly Kisses". I was blown away by being able to look at her work up close. With her print in hand, I could see the millions of delicate strokes she carefully laid to produce a poignant and beautiful image. Photographs do not do her artwork justice as you too must experience with your work.

I cannot afford any more prints at this time but because of this experience, (her care of packaging and prompt reply to inquiries and her high quality art) as soon as I'm more solvent I will order two more prints for a grouping in my daughter's room.


Kate said...

Thanks for posting this - I checked out her site and really enjoy Karen's work. And noticed that she lives just outside of Austin in adorable Buda. You'll have to come to Texas sometime and visit both of us and paint with our Plein Air Austin group. :)

Karen Hargett said...

Thanks Sheila for the headliner. Your daughter is precious! I'm glad to hear she likes Butterfly Kisses - it's a favorite of mine too.

Hey Kate - small world. Maybe our paths will cross soon. Thanks for checkin gout my website.

Michelle Burnett said...

Karen's art is lovely...and you have an adorable daughter!