Monday, January 12, 2009

Older stuff

So I'm still struggling with the DSFDF Jefferson Memorial challenge. That comment she posted last night? That was me that prompted her to write about getting glare spots out. I don't use flash but even the ambient light leaves white splotches that I really don't know how to effectively remove with my limited photo editing tool without washing out the color.

It's okay, I'm looking at the painting and I'm thinking I still need to do something with it. The disadvantages of taking so long is that I get more and more intimidated by the awesome work that continues to get posted. Go to the Different Strokes for Different Folks website and see how so many people have so many wonderful ways of depicting quite a ordinary night scene.

So in the meanwhile, I'll post a colored pencil work I did for a fellow artist. I was doing a series of "composites" of ideal women for folks. I would get a description, [ i.e. short dark brown hair, high heels, boy shorts etc] and draw an image based on photos I found on the web. It was fun for a while to see how close I got to the image that had in their head. This gal was for a photographer named Chase.


Kristen said...

Hi! I am having the same problem this week with dsfdf picture. I find the more you look at other paintings people have submitted the more intimidating it becomes. Im trying not to look!
Im sure your painting is fine.. your work is great! good luck!

Erika Nelson said...

Sheila I can't get started on the DSDF at all! I'm starting to wonder if I dropped my focus accidentally somewhere around lol

Interesting project you've given yourself here. Very nice flesh tones. You should get a someone to pose live or draw yourself, what do you think?

artbyakiko said...

Sheila, great drawing!!
I am terrible taking pictures of my paintings, but scanning works well for me. Have you tried using a scanner?

Sheila said...

good idea! but my paintings still wet.... maybe I should just draw one! I still have a week right?

Sharon Wright said...

Yes, I see just what you mean, not floating at all. Very interesting blog, I have enjoyed my browse, thank you.