Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just one more animal please

Because I'm groaning at the new DSFDF challenge. Yes, Karin told us not to be hard on ourselves but another building? Yes, it's one of those lovely SF painted ladies but an architectural challenge?

Okay I'm done whining.

Click if you dare...(it's big bird)....
On a tiny oil a 4x5 inch canvas that took more time then I expected. That'll teach me not to think this is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Four hours almost to paint this feisty fellow well worth the lesson though. Now to thinking about the challenge.

Which reminds me.... PLEASE check out R. Garriott's blog. He is an accomplished artist and a terrific instructor both in art and techno stuff that I'm challenged in also. Due to Karin's suggestion to learn how to use PhotoShop to properly present your work, he has generously taken his time to start a series of lessons on this very subject to aid novices like me. Now we can all have professional images to post on DSFDF and our blog thanks to R.


Dean H. said...

great little cockatiel painting, Sheila! I like the movement in the background. I've done 5x7's for quite a while and can testify that some can be surprisingly time consuming...maybe 4 or 5 hrs.

Good luck on this week's DSFDF challenge. I hate doing architecture but I'll take a shot at it.

Carrrie Jacobson said...

Hi, Sheila - thanks for the comment on my blog! I took the opportunity to check out your work, and I really like it. Love the colors and the movement, and the animals are especially wonderful. I paint dogs and cats (a couple on my blog, but more on and, moved by Prez. Obama to do something to help, I began thinking about the shelters. We already have seven dogs, all shelter dogs - but I LOVE your idea of painting the animals at the shelter as a way to bring in people - then they could receive the painting when they take the animal home. I think it's a great idea - you don't mind if I borrow it, do you?

Thanks for reaching out, and for making inspiring art -

Carrie Jacobson

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sheila!
oh i just love this cockatiel! you did a fabulous job! i can hear him singing and whistling now!

r garriott said...

Hi Sheila,

You are too kind! Thanks for sending people my way for Photoshop tips. I set up four new lessons last night on Levels, Hue, and Color Balance so I think I'll have something useful to show our artists.

Love your bird painting! And I think four hours is FAST-- but them I'm a slow painter.

dominique eichi said...

Oh Sheila this little cutie shows his feistiness, cockatiel are like that sometimes. Very nice piece and the background is great.
You makes me laugh with the DSFDF comment, I need to look at it as exercise otherwise I whine too but my whining is not as funny !

Art with Liz said...

Thanks for the photoshop blog Sheila. So many of us need some help on this more sophisticated programmes. And your big bird was worth every minute you spent on him. He is gorgeous.

I am now going to check out the DSFDF blog to see what building you're talking about.

artbyakiko said...

Sheila, you've done a great job on this cute cockatiel. Nice combination of colors! Birds are always difficult subjects for me.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Sheila
Hope your well
I once had a cockatiel and he was a character. Your painting reminds me of him and he has that same cheeky look.
This is a lovely piece.

Michelle Burnett said...

Hi Sheila - Love the painting! Very nice brushwork. Just like Trevor's comments, I had a cockatiel too and he was crazy (but fun)!

Don't sweat the DSFDF're always up to the challenge!

Great blog, as always. Thanks for mentioning R. Garriott's blog with such great PS tips.

adebanji said...

The fluidity of your brushstrokes are becoming really vivid in your latest works, especially this one!

Thanks for the link to R. Garriots blog

Thea said...

Wow Sheila this is great, love the lose brushworks.
Thanks for all the comments on my blogs, inspires me to paint more.

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

You makes me laugh with the DSFDF comment.
This bird, I love this painting!
plz one more....

Pat Burns said...

Love this little guy's's so true to life! Your brushwork fits him perfectly! Many thanks for the kudos on my paintings and for the link in a previous post!