Friday, January 16, 2009

Sketches gone wild

I visit Adebanji Alade's and Stephen Gardner's sketch blogs every day. Both these fine artists have their own fine art websites as well. Adebanji transforms his every day sketches to colorful gems and Stephen Gardner has a portfolio of fine pieces of art. They honor me when they occassionally comment on my work or encourage me through my self doubt.

I believe they follow the principal thinking of my daughter's piano teacher. Practice every day so the basics come naturally to you. I'm not quite back to once a day but I find myself sketching so much more often. This practice has me actively looking at scenes I pass everyday with "new eyes" and growing more confident in capturing what I see or want to see. [ okay the Jefferson Memorial is an exception] I also saw this video and thought I would share it because some artist sketched the whole song into a video. I'm not crazy about the music but love seeing the artist draw and erase his way through the piece.


dominique eichi said...

Thanks Sheila that was great. What a wonderful way to do art. I just love what the future has for us. it's so full of wonder and revelation.
You are such a blessing.

Edward Burton said...

Thank you for sharing, Sheila. I'm so glad to hear that your confidence is growing - it must make you feel pretty good. Also, thank you very much for your wonderful compliment you left on my "memorial" posting!

Erika Nelson said...

Sheila you've made excellent choices here. I advocate being open to all possibilities, but more than that I advocate choosing who you learn from, and these are some excellent selections. I also love the short film, I'm such a fan of these drawn videos; they are a good marriage of 2 things, maybe 3 things I love - visual art, film making and music.

It is true though that if you were to line up the successful ones, I imagine they will unanimously say they practice daily. I'm not there either. But thank goodness I'm still alive and I still have the opportunity to correct that ;)